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His Majesty the Worm

His Majesty the Worm is a forthcoming fantasy adventure game designed for dungeon crawling. 

This page is a dedicated space to share info about the game while it's being developed. Please ask questions! I'd LOVE to tell you about this project!

As a preview, you can check out the game's appendices as they are laid out. Each appendix is PWYW, with proceeds going to fund the game's art and development. 

  • Omphalos details the procedural generation of the ur-city at the center of the game's anticanon.
  • Sorcery is a Sword Without a Hilt is a magic system with versatile, level-less spells designed specifically for the dungeon crawling milieu.
  • Dungeon Seeds provides procedures and examples that simplify the daunting task of creating a mythic megadungeon.
  • [Name This Alchemy Book] is a collection of alchemical subsystems that turns monsters and herbs into weird tools. 

Wait, what's this game about?

His Majesty the Worm is a new-school game with old-school sensibilities: the classic megadungeon experience given fresh life through a focus on the  mundanities and small moments of daily life inside the dungeon.

  • Often-ignored subsystems, like food, hunger, light, and inventory management, are central to play and actually fun.
  • The game has robust procedures. Characters adventure in the Underworld, rest in role-playing driven camping scenes, and plan long-term actions in the City at the center of the Wide World.
  • The relationships between companions, called Bonds, powers the rest and recovery mechanic of the game. Role-playing literally drives the game forward.
  • Tarot cards are used as a randomizing element. Combat encounters are handled with an action-packed subsystem that ensures that all players have interesting choices every minute of combat: no downtime!

We hope you will have fun with it. 

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRise Up Comus
GenreRole Playing
TagsOSR, Tarot, Tabletop role-playing game

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Very hyped to get your game. Any news? Can't wait! 


The game is at the printer’s. It’s a long wait!

And pdf when? 


Launching at the same time!


A long wait as you said. I want to give you money! Game looks awesome


Very exciting! Just learned about this project a week ago but the hype is reeeeal.


Not me checking this page once a day even though I know books can easily spend over a month at the printers...


Hi! I've loved watching the development of HMTW and am very excited for its release. I've been writing a supplement for a little while now but have been uncertain about the system I want to use – will this project be supplement-friendly for other megadungeons, or should I look for something else? Thanks!


It will very supplement friendly! The game’s rules and text can be reused - even commercially. I hope very much to be able to support third-party creators by providing art and layout assets for them to use, and will aggregate and link to third-party supplements on my website.


How exciting! Thank you so much for your quick response.



When it is released, will it be possible to purchase a printed version, or will it be available only in PDF format? 


Yes, it will be available in print through Exalted Funeral and in PDF form as well.

I think I may have asked this question on Twitter a while ago. How easy would it be to hack/adjust this to be a hexploration style game rather than a dungeon crawl? More of a hexcrawl guy myself rather than old school crawling. 


Easy! I’m running Dolmenwood in it right now. The optional “Hexcrawling not Dungeoncrawling” rules are in the Camp section (when you get it).


Oh, very nice! This was already one of the upcoming projects I was looking forward to, and the fact that optional hexcrawl stuff is included just shot it to the very top of my list. 


I am SO ANGRY this is not out yet!!! 😂 

I was road tripping to my folks house last night and finally got to listen to ITM and thought “This sounds great. Buying it immediately when I get to my destination!”  Haha

your XP system sounds awesome. Can’t wait to steal it for my table. Signed up for the mailing list. Looking forward to backing this game. 


You’re so kind! It is coming out soon - just going through the arduous process of “physically printing things” and “shipping them” and “warehousing.”


do you have a release date for the game?




I have been saying “Soon” for a long time.

“Soon” seems to be Q1 2024.


Hugely enjoyed the ITMD episode !

RELATEDLY, do you have an editor lined up? I’d happily offer my services (and as a magician of the stage kind, I know Tarot well)


Hey Sean! The book is complete at this point, but very very glad you liked the episode!

Excellent news ─ I can’t wait to give it a full read !


I am quite intrigued with the bond system and the unique combat system.  When is HMTW coming out?  How can I be notified?



Hey, so kind, thanks. The best answer I have is soon. The game is being thrust into the real world through machinations of ink and paper.

If you would like to know when it is available to buy, please sign up for the mailing list (found on my blog riseupcomus.blogspot.com or hismajestytheworm.games) and I’ll ping you when it’s out.


Will it be possible to buy a pdf on dtrpg?

Yes, of course!


Is there any news on the project?

Very much looking forward to your game!


Writing, art, and layout are completed. We have a publisher. Now, we just have to wrestle with problems like “Paper shortage” and “Shipping.” Those are big problems! But we also have smart folks on it. Soon!

Can we take this to mean that on paper (or well literally not on paper) the digital version is release-ready?

That is broadly true.


I recently discovered your work through Twitter and I gotta say, I'm very much impressed. The appendixes are really well put together and I'm very tempted to use them in my own homebrew world. On that regard, one question I want to ask about HMTW is how "homebrew-able" is it? Can I, for example, add other spells to the ones you already implemented or is there some sort of game balance that I may break?


Thanks for the kind words!

Not only do I think it’s homebrewable, but I argue that it’s an essential part of playing any RPG. I show my notes through designer commentary in the text about how you can and should make the game your own. I want you to homebrew it, and I’m excited to see what you make!


Perfect! Thanks for letting me know, your work is too good to not be used


I very much appreciated this question, and wanted to share this example of what I meant when I said that I try to provide advice for you to make your own content and how

The gimmick isn’t “Here are the official dungeons and maps and creatures and spells.” It’s “Hey, here are some dungeons, maps, creatures, and spells to get you started. Here’s why they’re made the way they are. You should make your own, too.”

This is perfect! I've always appreciated rulebooks with integrated "instructions" on how to make homebrew content. Definitely looking forward to the release of the book. Is it going to be exclusively physical, or will a PDF version be available as well?


I’m sure it’ll be both PDF and print.


I literally can't wait until this comes out.

You and me both. I am so excited to show it to you.


Looking forward to this!

Deleted 110 days ago

Thanks! It’s coming sooner every day.

Hello, Josh!

I'm very inspired by your developer diary!

And your already published awesome stuff!

Maybe it's because my favourite authors are Jorge Luis Borges, Umberto Eco and Gustav Mayrink. Or maybe not.

Really looking forward to the release of the rules of the game!

I would like to ask. Can I become an ambosador of your game in the Russian-speaking space?

I translate games, write my own materials and layout documents in InDesign.

I have experience in translating, layout and writing supplementary materials for Harry Potter RPG.

I'm here bc I am too excited . This project has been a much awaited and I hope you are finding the happiness that comes from developing such a thing. Will you send out a email or simply put a Rhode Island Post here once it's your out?

Cheers, many thanks! Will definitely send out an email, so please do make sure you’ve signed up for the mailing list at hismajestytheworm.games.

Since January I have come monthly –sometimes weekly– to check on the game during the year, of which it was one of my most anticipated releases. I do not know if I still expect it to release during 2022, but I’m sure I have to express my support, anticipation & admiration for your work. Take the time it takes; thank you.


I super appreciate it. I will give a state-of-the-union address within the next couple of days. The gist of it is: “The book text is pretty much done, and I’m working on getting all the other stuff that it takes to get the book into your hands in order.”

Just a quick note to say I've very much looking forward to this project. I'm a big fan of your work and really appreciate the ideas you share about RPGs on Twitter.

Kind of you to say! It’s coming soon.

So, is the game not out yet to play (or test) and we just use the appendices to get a feel for it? I have zero issue with that, just clarifying.

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That is correct. In 2022, I put up the appendices to give a sense of the flavor of the game and generate some funds to bring the game to fruition. This has been successful (thank you everyone!). The game itself is nearing completion and should be ready for purchase soon.

(A note: Anyone who buys the appendices now will receive full versions of these chapters–with editing, art, and layout–when they are ready. A free upgrade as a thank-you for helping the game. I hope that these chapters contain useful advice for everybody and are not game dependent.)

Wonderful, can't wait to buy!


If you’re looking for any volunteers to proofread or playtest the rules as written, I’d be happy to lend a hand (paralegal)


Thanks! Might take you up on that very soon.

Psst. What’s a good way to get in contact?

I was going to DM you on Twitter but it looks like I can't - maybe it'll work if you initiate the message? Anyway, my username is @accentgirlkenz, hopefully that works for you! (though let me know if it doesn't)

Been using your Omphalos city and Dungeon seeds as inspirations for my own adventures. Today I bought the Alchemy book and man, everything you make is so beyond awesome! I am fully intending to buy a box set when the core set comes out.

Thank you so much! Without exaggeration, I am deeply touched. I can’t wait to share the full game with you.

This project fascinates me and I'd love to run it at a con in October. Any chance there will be a playable version available anytime before that?

So happy to hear that you’re interested! I do not have a hard timeline at this point beyond “2022.” I am hopeful it could be before October!

I am getting dungeon seeds from a group pruchase. But because I am new to this site and dont know how things work, I am wondering how do I get the core rule book. Can anyone help me?


Hi there! There’s a very good reason why you can’t find it - the core book isn’t out yet! The books nested under this project are the appendices to the game. I’m releasing them each one at a time to slowly gather funds to pay for editors, artists, and layout designers for the core book.

By signing up for the mailing list, you can be sure that you’ll be alerted when the core book is finally ready.

You can learn more about the future of the game here!

gotcha. I understand now, thank you for explaining it to me. Do you have a projected release? I mean that you would like to be released.


The best I can say is “Sometime 2022” - but after six years of development, having a year date narrowed down is exciting (to me)

I am excited for you man! Hope you are able to release this year also :)

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Joined your list to get Dungeon Seeds. Great stuff.

 Any ETA on HMTW beta?

Will resource management involve a risk die mechanic, or is the game totally card-based?


Hey cheers!

ETA is hard to say. Work on this stuff on the weekends. My goal with this slow release cycle is to accumulate liquid cash to pay artists, editors, and graphic designers.

The game is totally card based, no dice. Resource management mostly revolves around limited inventory space. The Meatgrinder tracks your turns each time you cross a threshold, eating up your light. Camping allows you to heal, but uses up your rations. I try to make the stuff you might handwave in another game actually fun by having you make a series of discrete, meaningful choices around what you carry and how you use it.

Thanks. I'm in. "The stuff you might handwave" is exactly the stuff I want to employ as central devices. Lavender Hack, Macchiato Monsters, all great stuff.


So excited to see tarot embraced in a TTRPG! I will be glued to this for more updates


I was initially drawn in due to the magic system and am continuously impressed the more I read. This system hits all the right buttons emphasizing interesting character moments and creative solutions! I can't wait to see more


Looks like torchbearer, Except (unlike Torchbearer) I can imagine actually being able to understand this game, so that's cool


Hmmm you got my curiosity. Keep it up! :)