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Halflings are a small people. They are not designed to travel far from home. Even so, sometimes they will get the inclination to go on a walking holiday and travel outside of the border stones of their village. 

Walking Holiday is an RPG supplement that contains procedures for traveling from one place to another, as well as some advice on how to make these procedures actually fun. 

The GM will take an afternoon to do some prep. First, the GM will randomly generate and draw a map to represent what lies outside of your home village. Second, they’ll write down interesting things to find there (but no adventures, certainly!)

Afterwards, players can go on walking holidays to see a bit of the lay of the land between halfling villages. This journey is the game.

In Search of Better Travel Rules

Journeys and travels are a fantasy staple. As such, RPG players have long tried to include this essential element in their games only to find the experiences fall flat. Often, travel is either reduced to a skill check or handwaved entirely. This is so very boring. 

Walking Holiday tries to make traveling actually fun by infusing interesting choices into the journey. The game includes:

  • Procedures for pointcrawling 
  • Map making by dropping dice and drawing landmarks
  • Collaborative rumor generation about the map's contents
  • Dozens of example encounters and strange landmarks 
  • An optimized PDF with links and bookmarks, as well as layers that can be turned off for printing purposes

Have a nice trip!

Walking Holiday is designed for use with Under Hill, By Water, a game about halflings who don't want no adventures (thank you). The example encounters and NPCs are intended to provide a cozy, slice-of-life experience.

Even so, the procedures, advice, and game theory included are universally applicable. Use Walking Holiday to improve your journeys for any game where travel is featured.

The road goes ever on and on…

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Hey there this looks pretty neat! Any chance we could get a preview of the Travel Procedure section?

Hey if $ is an issue just ping me on Twitter (@riseupcomus) and I’m happy to generate a community copy. If you’re just interested in general, my blog post here - http://riseupcomus.blogspot.com/2021/09/in-search-of-better-travel-rules.html - lays out my initial thinking about the procedure that came into this book.