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If you’re looking for any volunteers to proofread or playtest the rules as written, I’d be happy to lend a hand (paralegal)


Thanks! Might take you up on that very soon.

Been using your Omphalos city and Dungeon seeds as inspirations for my own adventures. Today I bought the Alchemy book and man, everything you make is so beyond awesome! I am fully intending to buy a box set when the core set comes out.

Thank you so much! Without exaggeration, I am deeply touched. I can’t wait to share the full game with you.

This project fascinates me and I'd love to run it at a con in October. Any chance there will be a playable version available anytime before that?

So happy to hear that you’re interested! I do not have a hard timeline at this point beyond “2022.” I am hopeful it could be before October!

I am getting dungeon seeds from a group pruchase. But because I am new to this site and dont know how things work, I am wondering how do I get the core rule book. Can anyone help me?


Hi there! There’s a very good reason why you can’t find it - the core book isn’t out yet! The books nested under this project are the appendices to the game. I’m releasing them each one at a time to slowly gather funds to pay for editors, artists, and layout designers for the core book.

By signing up for the mailing list, you can be sure that you’ll be alerted when the core book is finally ready.

You can learn more about the future of the game here!

gotcha. I understand now, thank you for explaining it to me. Do you have a projected release? I mean that you would like to be released.


The best I can say is “Sometime 2022” - but after six years of development, having a year date narrowed down is exciting (to me)

I am excited for you man! Hope you are able to release this year also :)

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Joined your list to get Dungeon Seeds. Great stuff.

 Any ETA on HMTW beta?

Will resource management involve a risk die mechanic, or is the game totally card-based?


Hey cheers!

ETA is hard to say. Work on this stuff on the weekends. My goal with this slow release cycle is to accumulate liquid cash to pay artists, editors, and graphic designers.

The game is totally card based, no dice. Resource management mostly revolves around limited inventory space. The Meatgrinder tracks your turns each time you cross a threshold, eating up your light. Camping allows you to heal, but uses up your rations. I try to make the stuff you might handwave in another game actually fun by having you make a series of discrete, meaningful choices around what you carry and how you use it.

Thanks. I'm in. "The stuff you might handwave" is exactly the stuff I want to employ as central devices. Lavender Hack, Macchiato Monsters, all great stuff.


So excited to see tarot embraced in a TTRPG! I will be glued to this for more updates


I was initially drawn in due to the magic system and am continuously impressed the more I read. This system hits all the right buttons emphasizing interesting character moments and creative solutions! I can't wait to see more


Looks like torchbearer, Except (unlike Torchbearer) I can imagine actually being able to understand this game, so that's cool

Hmmm you got my curiosity. Keep it up! :)